The Best NFT Launchpad for DeFi and GameFi Projects

There are many ways to launch an NFT project these days, but when it comes to actual utility and driving adoption, there are only two real contenders: EOS and Ethereum.

In this article, we’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of launching your project on each of these platforms, including their unique features and benefits, as well as their drawbacks.

When you’re finished reading, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision about which NFT launchpad is best for your project.

What are NFT launchpads? NFT Launchpads are a surface classification of blockchain infrastructure platforms that allow users to rapidly and easily launch, list, and use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain, including GameFi’s new NFT asset standard and DeFi applications like DAppsend, Ethfinex Nectar Token, Oasis Browser, Everdragons, and Block DX. Currently, there are many NFT launchpads appear by many companies all over the world.

If you’re planning to launch your own DeFi or GameFi project, it might be a good idea to take advantage of NFT Launchpad and its exclusive features.

Launching on this platform allows you to quickly create your own NFTs and make them available to NFT-ready platforms such as ERC dEX, 0x Portal, and OpenSea, where they can be paired with other tokens and used in decentralized applications (dApps).

By doing so, you will give your project access to hundreds of different use cases that it wouldn’t otherwise have.


Each project will have a dedicated website showcasing information about its project, team, governance structure, voting rights for token holders, etc.

You’ll be able to apply for listing on the NFT launchpad using our in-house application system.

Anyone can submit a new project or use your existing one (if you’re already on another platform). It take care of all legal matters needed for listing your project and everything is audited by our external partners before finalizing any listing. Projects are automatically listed on Blockfolio as well.

This means projects won’t need to go through Blockfolio for additional listing if they choose not to. They also get access to Blockfolio’s premium features such as reporting, trading signals, portfolio tracking, mobile app integrations, and more.

The fees are very reasonable at $100/month with a minimum 6-month commitment but if they sign up before March 31st they only pay $50/month! With that being said we also want teams to know that there is no long-term commitment required after those 6 months expire!


Lack of liquidity. Some users may have a hard time exchanging NFTs that were issued on Enjin’s platform for other digital assets.

Just like how a stock traded on NYSE would be hard to trade for an overseas player, or vice versa; NFTs will also face challenges with liquidity when being exchanged between different platforms.

Currently, there is no good solution for creating cross-platform exchange platforms that are designed specifically for NFTs.

This can be solved in many ways, such as establishing centralized trading platforms or tokenize assets directly into each other; but both methods will require users to trust these centralized platforms with their assets and further complicate their way of trading.


How does a GameFi-focused launchpad work?

The world’s initial IGO launchpad is a GameFi. Also known as a platform where you can launch a gaming project based on blockchain technology.

A few years ago players played the game for enjoyment. But now in the revolution of blockchain technology, the players are enjoying the game with earning cryptocurrency.

Now, a leading gem developer company started to add NFT items to the product list. Also, they started playing to earn projects. GameFi will be high in demand soon.

Should I choose GameFI

You can launch a game on the GameFi Platform. Is the leading platform for any new user, with easy registration. also for crypto exchange you can purchase GAFI tokens.

How Does GameFi work?

GameFi is the popular platform for blockchain-based gaming projects. It works a little bit different compared to other launchpads.

When you connect your wallet to the prototype site then the user can get a star tank. It’s the first rank and it will not give you a right to participate in IGO. In order to get above rank, users need to buy a GAFI token.

Launchpad is the platform whose main aim is to connect of gaming projects and interested investors.  

If you’re looking to buy a BSC project (top-rated projects like CryptoKitties, Etheremon, Decentraland, EOS Knights have been listed here in past), bsc nft projects are here to help you make an informed decision!

In addition to a review of each project’s unique use case and functionality, there is also information on token economics. The number of tokens that will be generated and how they will be distributed among users can impact your investment strategy.

For example, if you want to own 100% of your favorite NFT game asset but it has a fixed supply, then you might want to purchase all available tokens as soon as possible after launch or before they sell out completely.

On the other hand, if you want to play games with others and don’t mind paying fees in native currency, then you may choose not to buy all tokens at once so that more people can play with them.

What is an NFT launchpad?

NFT launchpads are a way to construct, launch, allocate and monetize your NFT projects. Similar to ERC20-compatible wallets that allow you to send and receive Ether tokens (ETH), NFT launchpads will allow you to do much more including token creation, launching non-fungible tokens (NFT) games, and decentralized finance (DeFi) apps. At present they can only be used with projects developed on TomoChain.

What is an IDO launchpad?

A Crypto launchpad known also as an IDO platform is a platform there you can launch a new coin, through any crypto projects also you can increase liquidity. It’s the next big thing in the digital world. With reference to decentralized finance.

If you wish to launch a new project on a decentralized platform through tokens or coins then the IDO is the best crowdfunding platform. People from different backgrounds can contribute to this blockchain-based launchpad.

The Cryptominati capital launchpad has given the opportunity to structured investors that were earlier available only for large-scale investors and venture capitalists.

If your project starts achieving the result, the value of coins and tokens increases, and that profit can earn early contributors. Its benefits both the parties in IDOs.

What is TrustSwap launchpad?

TrustSwap is a protocol for launching digital token-based fundraising projects, much like Ethereum’s ERC20 tokens. Whereas ERC20 projects tend to be focused on mainstream consumer-based applications (think Cryptokitties), TrustSwap is more suitable for niche use cases. In order to launch an NFT or gameFi project using TrustSwap, you must first acquire a TSP (TrustSwap Platform) stake from our crowd sale.

IDO launchpad list

FireStarter: IDO Launchpads For Metaverse Platforms

BSCPad: First Decentralized IDO Platform On Binance

GameFi: Best IDO Launchpad For Best ROI

Seedify: Popular IDO Launchpad

TrustPad: Safest Multi-Chain IDO Launchpad

NFT launchpad list

1) NFTLAUNCH – The FIRST Deflationary NFT Launchpad

2) NFTPAD – NFT Launchpad for Blockchain Games, Art, And DeFi

3) NFTb – Launch Pad For NFTs And Digital Goods.

4) NFTSOLPAD: NFT Launchpad On Solana

5) GUARDIANLINK: Launch NFTs Without Writing A Single Line Of Code.

This is an empty list of NFT launchpads. It’s very important that you read our documentation on how to get a proper NFT launchpad installed, but below is a basic overview. We use wallets like Metamask for development. Each address (nft1, nft2, nft3…) on our list should point to your metamask account in some fashion.

Crypto launchpad list

1. Binance Launchpad

2. OKEx Launchpad

3. Huobi Prime

4. KuCoin Spotlight

5. Launchpad

6. Polkastarter

7. Ethereum Launchpad

8. IEO Launchpad

9. Bibox Starlight Reserve Fund

10. Bitfinex Token Sales Platform

The crypto launchpad list is a curated index of all crypto projectss which have launched on NFTs. This index provides an efficient way to track crypto assets that have utilized Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as their standard of value. In short, these crypto projects will be tokens that are traded through atomic swap exchange or protocols built on top of Ethereum like 0x relayers.

Crypto launchpad projects

  1. BoostX
  2. Starpunk
  3. Redkite

NFT launchpad is a decentralized token exchange built on top of NuCypher’s proxy re-encryption (PRE) infrastructure. It offers painless, trustless method to trade ERC20, NEP5, etc tokens with high throughput using proxy re-encryption layer to obfuscate their addresses on Ethereum and EOS chains.

BSC NFT projects

If you’re focusing to buy a BSC project (top-rated projects like CryptoKitties, Etheremon, Decentraland, EOS Knights have been listed here in past), bsc nft projects are here to help you make an informed decision! In addition to a review of each project’s unique use case and functionality, there is also information on token economics.

What is NexGen.ONE?

NexGen.ONE is a decentralized exchange on a blockchain built by NexGen Finance to facilitate all kinds of new financial technologies, including Maker’s Dai Stablecoin, 0x’s dApps, Digix Gold Tokens and more. NexGen.ONE also supports non-fungible tokens (NFT), which are digital assets that are unique — meaning they can be individually identified from others, even if they share certain characteristics.

What is the Role of Exchanges in Decentralized Finance?

According to a recent report, centralized exchanges are responsible for up to half of all trading volume in crypto. As decentralized finance (DeFi) pursues to mature, there’s a extended need for innovational platforms that play a key role in connecting traditional financial instruments with their next-generation counterparts.

How Do Exchanges Integrate Onto NexGen.ONE?

Exchanges can integrate onto NexGen.ONE in a few different ways. There are two general methods that we support, plus many variations on those methods: Centralized integration: The exchange performs its own KYC/AML and holds funds in custody (no NexGen token required) Decentralized integration: The exchange does not hold funds or perform KYC/AML. All trades take place on-chain as atomic swaps through NexGen.

How Do I Get My Tokens Listed on NexGen.ONE?

NexGen.ONE is a decentralized crypto exchange that supports all kinds of ERC-20, EOS, and NEO based tokens. However, it’s important to note that no matter how much demand there is for a particular token, it may never be listed on NexGen.ONE without proper due diligence from NexGen. Before listing tokens on our platform, we thoroughly evaluate all aspects of an ICO or token generation event by reviewing marketing materials such as whitepapers and websites and going through social media.

Furthermore, we perform KYC/AML procedures on every team member as well as any new investors before including their token in our ecosystem

Will There Be a Listing Fee for ICO Projects on NexGen.ONE?

It is uncertain at present time. The only question remains whether any specific project will be required to pay a listing fee in order to list on NexGen.ONE.

Will I Need to Hire an Exchange Expert to Have My Project Listed on NexGen.ONE?

No. The NexGen.ONE platform features a one-click listing process that simplifies multiple steps required to list your token on an exchange. Once you have a Token Preference Engine (TPE) set up, submitting your token will be straightforward: You can choose from one of our listed exchanges or you can submit it to a custom exchange that you have configured in your TPE.

We’ll tackle all of the required steps—even creating an application form—to ensure that you hold out tractable while making it as simple as possible to get listed on an trade quickly.

When Can I List My Token on NexGen.ONE, or Whreen Will This Fully Launch?

For new projects, it’s hard to forecast when they will be ready to list on our fully-decentralized DEX. The short answer is that we will list them as soon as we are comfortable with their team, product and potential.

We need to see all of these things before accepting a project on our platform. So if you have a great idea for an NFT or game project, don’t hesitate – let us know! We can help you design an off-chain reward mechanism that gives away tokens through gameplay.

Most of our token launch partners join us because they see value in using NexGen.ONE as a safe launch platform – not just because it’s decentralized or a DEX (though those are huge selling points).

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