What is NFT Scoring : A full Guide

NFT Scoring, is a protocol designed for assessing the quality of the data in a token. It’s one of the latest curves for the blockchain. The interesting thing is that it can be used for analyzing and scoring a massive amount of data. Here is a blog explaining how it works and why it’s important.

First, we start with the fundamentals of NFT Scoring. So read them carefully.

Since, Last on or two years NFT has become the biggest discussion point in the world of technology. However Digital assets technology is groundbreaking,  but it’s simple and small innovation will give different functionality on board. 

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The main ideology behind this is NFT. People who own a specific NFT, they will be a sole proprietor for digital assets. The meaning of that will remain one to one and they become fully owners of NFT.

If you are getting NFT collocation and project in an early stage then might be the fastest ways to make millions yourself. However, not knowing whether you will make millions or not. But to make money or even not lose the money for that you must have knowledge about the NFT. 

So, How can you know which project to invest your time, efforts and money on? So that is what the topics coming in ming “ What is NFT scoring” So read carefully.

What is NFT Scoring

Exactly, If you are reading the word “ NFT Scoring” the first things in your mind will come the ranking or scoring. NFT is known which one should accept or which one should avoid. This is the way the people will know where to spend their money. With the help of different AI models, all these calculations are created in real time. These all AI models will get the statistical reports from the existing NFT users, and will share the proper details to new one. From this way you can get the fact based ranking for the best performing NFT.

So, let’s check out the parameters used to find the ranking of each NFT collection in NFT Scoring.

In this way, we should get into what boundaries are utilized in deciding the positioning of each NFT assortment in NFT scoring, and for what reason they’re helpful.


We have seen that the ranking of NFT Scoring is changing multiple times. Because the real time ranking will be finalized through AI models. This trades section counts the number of trades happening in the selected time frame. If you are selecting  the ranking for one week then you will get the all list of the projects with most trades in selected time.  

Floor Price

Whoever is interested in NFT, they know this term very well, Because the floor price is an important parameter when you buy the NFT.  You have to make sure that whatever projects are you choosing which floor price is not too high or not too low. On OpenSea the NFT Scoring will give the real time output of the floor price for each NFT Collection. These floor prices will give all information about the How the NFT project and its usefulness or not if I am chosen. 


See, NFT Scoring will make sure to give information about all the important tangibles while NFT purchasing, So you can get the idea from that. And you can decide whether you should go or not. Listing is another important thing that will tell a lot of the significant functions about the NFT Projects. So if you set a time frame, and you will get more listings it means more people are engaging in those projects.

Unique Buyers

This is  another major aspect to include when you are purchasing an NFTs. Because if the trade number or volume is higher for an NFT project, then it could all be from one whale. And it’s not good because not showing any variation in the buyers. So these are the other aspects displayed in NFT Scoring.

Whale Owners

This parameter is straightforward, as it tells you how many whales are invested in a project. However it can be negative or positive. Its good because that tells the investor that a rich,  likely business minded investor is trusted in this kind of project. And the negative thing is, that including whales own a lot of NFT from a project, they might be a strong volatile in the NFT projects.


All things considered, NFT scoring is an incredible method for deciding if a NFT project will find success or not. Obviously, no innovation on the planet can accurately appraise whether you’ll have the option to benefit from a speculation. Be that as it may, by utilizing AI and getting significant raw numbers set up, we can have a very close estimation of a venture’s prosperity. To find out about impending NFT undertakings to pay special attention to, look at this site for a few fascinating outcomes. We trust this article was useful to you, and that you could possibly go with a superior choice in your next NFT buy by means of NFT scoring!


Who invested in NFT Scoring?

3 investors including  Credo Ventures and Presto Ventures invest in NFT Scoring

How much funding has NFT Scoring raised to date?

NFT Scoring has raised $1.7M

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