The Easiest Way to Convert Your BNB to MATIC

By now, most of you have heard about the Matic Network and its ability to help Ethereum scale, with faster transaction times and greater scalability than before.

But many of you might not know is that if you already own Binance Coin (BNB), then you’re eligible to receive tokens in the Matic Network Token (MATIC) distribution event! Let’s take a closer look at The Easiest Way to Convert Your BNB to Matic, so you can start enjoying the benefits of both platforms.

What is the easiest way to convert your BNB to MATIC

In order to convert your BNB to MATIC, first you’ll need to go on authentic exchange platform that supports the conversion of various tokens and cryptocurrencies?

Second, you will have to send your Ether (ETH) from your wallet onto an exchange platform like Coinbase.

Third, convert your ETH into Binance Coin (BNB). And lastly, go on EtherDelta or some other decentralized exchange and convert your BNB into Matic Network Token (MATIC).

Is it safe to convert BNB to MATIC?

Yes, BNB to MATIC conversion process is safe. You can read more about their smart contract on GitHub. The team are also very active on Twitter, so if you have any concerns you should be able to easily contact them and find out more.

Always do the research about the exchanges before using them to ensure they’re legitimate. For now, they seem legit!

Where can I convert my tokens?

Currently, there are two exchanges that allow you to convert your BNB to MATIC Network Token (MATIC). You can check out IDEX and Bibox to know more about how to convert your tokens.

Can I buy Matic coins directly with my Ethereum wallet?

Yes! The easiest way is to purchase your coins directly on the Matic Dex. This is currently only available through our Android App.

How to swap BNB to MATIC on LetsExchange?

1. Register an account and verify your email at LetsExchange website

2. Deposit your BNB into Letsexchange (LetsExchange will convert it into MATIC automatically)

3. Transfer those converted MATIC tokens back to your Mist wallet!

Can I convert BNB to MATIC?

The short answer is, yes! You can convert your Binance Coin (BNB) into Matic Network Token (MATIC). Since both of these cryptocurrencies are ERC-20 tokens, it’s fairly straightforward and simple to do. You can easily know how to swap your BNB for MATIC.

How do I switch to MATIC on MetaMask?

Go to your MetaMask account and click TOKENS. Then click Add Token and add a new custom token with these details

How do I change from USDT to Matic to MetaMask?

You have a wallet with you that supports ERC-20 tokens. So, you can buy and sell Ethereum on any cryptocurrency exchange, then send it to your ETH-compatible ERC-20 wallet. If you don’t have one already, download MetaMask.

Swap BNB to Matic trust wallet

The easiest way to convert your BNB is by using Trust Wallet which you can download from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store. To transfer your funds, simply: Make sure you are signed into Coinbase on the Trust wallet Select Receive tab.

Now, Select the BNB tokens option Click on the next button to confirm Now you should see the BNB balance in the Trust wallet Go back and select Trust USD Wallet option. You will see your USD balance now.

Swap BNB to Matic bridge

The bridge is a smart contract that allows users to exchange their Binance Chain (BNB) tokens for Matic (MATIC) tokens on Ethereum. The exchange rate of one BNB token for 0.1 MATIC is locked in at launch and will be updated every hour based on demand and supply.

This formula ensures that if demand outstrips supply, then prices go up, incentivizing participants to buy more; conversely, if there are more sell orders than buy orders, then prices go down.

BNB to Matic pancakeswap

Swapping your BNB tokens is easier than ever with MATIC, one of our most exciting project partners. MATIC is a platform for decentralized applications (DApps) that will let you use and manage your crypto assets on mobile devices—and it’s currently being built on top of Matic Network!

BNB to polygon bridge

Poly Bridge, a card game from Dapper Penguin Studios, has recently announced a new project called Poly Bridge: Legends which involves a collectible card game with 1v1 battles against other players. Matamask will be integrated into Poly Bridge: Legends for use with NEP-5 (mai tokens) and ETH. There is currently an open beta where you can help test out and influence development by playing or by joining their Discord channel!

How to get matic on metamask

The easiest way to convert your BNB (or any other ERC20 token) into MATIC is through MyEtherWallet. After creating an account on MyEtherWallet, you’ll see a blank box underneath that reads To Address and Amount. This is where you will input all of your info in order to buy MATIC tokens. You need only two things: The address for receiving MATIC, and how much ETH you want to be converted into MATIC.

How to buy BNB with MATIC

Now that both coins are supported by Atomic Wallet, you can use their unique features to exchange one for another and benefit from faster transactions and lower fees. Here’s how it works

How to send MATIC from Binance to metamask

The first step is creating a wallet and receiving tokens. If you don’t have an Ethereum address, there are several wallets on iOS, desktop, and Android that support ERC-20 tokens including MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Eidoo, and Jaxx. You can also use MyCrypto or Mist to generate an address.

How to Withdraw Matic to metamask

Withdrawing your MATIC tokens to Metamask is very easy, since you don’t need to enter any information or confirmations. Simply click on withdraw on metamask and then select MATIC Network as your destination. Then, click on send and that’s it!

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