How to Redeem Your Binance Gift Card

Main Takeaways

-There are a couple of ways to redeem your Binance gift card.

-It’s a digital crypto  gift card that  can be sent to Binance as well as non Binance users.

-Check out the ways to redeem your Binance gift card below.

Binance gift card is a fun lifestyle gift card that can be sent to you anyone. It supports 270+ cryptocurrency with null creation fees. That can be send it to any user E.g ( Binance user or non users)

Are you not a Binance User?

You can still redeem your gift card, also you are not a Binance user. You can also redeem your gift card to crypto or convert it to fiat. That will be transferred to users’ Binance wallet. You can access your crypto gift to create an account and you can start using or spending it instantly.

How to send a Binanace gift card to a Non-Binance user?

Automatically your referral code adds to your gift card email when you send a Binance gift card. Simply toggle it on “add your referral link” option before sending it to the receiver can easily sign up and be able to redeem a gift card.

Method 1: Redeem to Crypto

User can easily redeem the crypto loaded gift card without any fees on Binance app. Also if anyone sends you a Binance gift card with one bitcoin, then you can redeem an entire bitcoin without any fees deducted. After redemption, whatever your crypto amount is able to send your Binance funding wallets.

How can you redeem to crypto on your Binance Application

First of all log into the Binance Account.

Select ( Profile ) – ( Gift card)

Once you are on gift card page, Now Tap ( Redeem ) – ( Redeem to Crypto )

Now enter your Gift card code number and tap to Add.

Method 2: Redeem and Convert to Fiat

While redeem your gift card, you wish to convert your card to fiat then you can also do that. Once you receive a Binance gift card with one Bitcoin, you can redeem it and be able to convert it on your local currency. You can able to withdraw from Binance to fiat via app once it is converted.

How to redeem and convert to fiat

This feature is only applicable for Binance app users.

Log in to your Binance App

Tap to Profile then select on Gift card. 

Tap to Redeem and convert it to Fiat.

Now, enter the gift card redemption code and tap to Add.

Your newly redeemed fiat can be found on your wallet.

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